The winery The Mondianese is surrounded by a single vineyard that covers fifteen hectares Astigiano, here it begins the care and the tireless pursuit of quality, before you even enter in the winery.

The care of the vineyards is done by mechanized and manual treatments. The prunings are strict to favor quality over quantity of grapes and the harvest is strictly by hand, in a more traditional way, more human and more selective, which allows you to choose only the best bunches and place them gently into the box.


The winery was built according to the state of modern winemaking technology, with horizontal fermenters and stainless steel storage tanks.

The aging cellar is buried deep under the hills of Monferrato, and accommodates different sized wooden barrels, Allier barriques and tonneau.

Here the wines The Mondianese rely to spend time the seal of the precious “final touch”.

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